Robert Patten, published 1717

This invaluable, first-hand account of events of the 1715 Jacobite Rising has become the main primary source book on the subject. The author, the Reverend Robert Patten of Allendale, was chaplain to Thomas Forster. Patten took part in the Rising, but was released from Newgate after turning king's evidence.

His book provides a unique insight (even if biased) into the characters and motives of the principal participants. It includes a comprehensive list of all the English and Scottish noblemen, gentlemen and their followers who took part; also a Journal and a number of letters written by the Earl of Mar to Forster and to George l.

Despite Patten's criticisms of the rebels and the condemnation of the Jacobite Cause, it is apparent that he thought highly of the young man who had paid the ultimate price. It is Patten's sympathetic and complimentary description of James Radcliffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater, that has been largely responsible for establishing the charm, kindness and popularity of the Earl, which has been a contributory factor to his legendary status.